It's difficult to name what drives one's pursuits in philosophy, so far as they're genuine. But to try to name it: what interests me is the relation between reason and sensibility, and how it could be that their relation is internal, such that 'sense-making' (at all, in any domain) is always both situationally called for and in a certain sense unbounded. 

This interest primarily takes the shape of a serious engagement with the post-Kantian tradition in general and the phenomenological tradition in particular.

My dissertation concerns the latter's progenitor, Edmund Husserl, and asks why 'real presence'-- the fact that things are present to us and amidst us, whether we like it or not and no matter what we think-- is of such importance to the science he calls 'phenomenology'. 

The interest also takes the shape of an ongoing reading of the classical 'Masters Texts (子書)' of East Asian civilization, which is a core area of my teaching.


Coming soon.


Coming soon.